Welcome to JEMCY Enterprises

JEMCY Enterprises is a major manufacturer, supplier and distributor of poultry equipment, poultry farm accessories and animal health care products. We apply superior development technology and integrates latest design in manufacturing of poultry and livestock equipment in order to meet our client’s standards.

JEMCY Enterprises also supply not only quality animal health care products but also quality Ready to lay Pullets that passes a complete and strict vaccination process and procedure. To date were growing as much as 30,000 to 40,000 heads of chicks coming from reputable breeders. We cater only the preferred breed and quality chicks to farm grower up to four batches per month because we believe that there should be a symbiotic relationship between us and our clients.

At JEMCY Enterprises, we are committed to helping our clients by providing only the superior and high quality products.


Hot dip galvanizing process makes our cage more anti corrosive and last for years.


Electric feeding hopper and loader for more convenient system and equal distribution of feeds to our layers.


Produce quality Ready to lay pullets that passes strict standard and complete vaccination process.